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Boston, MA

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Email: letsdesignyoursite@gmail.com

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About Us

Who We Are


Business Development

Dave is an entrepreneur and business owner who uses his experience and resources to add value to his clients.


Project Designer

Lida graduated from design school in 2004 and has been a professional user experience designer for multiple companies.


Project Designer

Catie has been designing for the last decade. With her degree in Marketing, Catie loves the psychology of design.


Sales Director

Wassim has worked in customer service for software companies since 2005. He likes seeing our websites come to life for clients.

Our Story

 Dave started Let's Design Your Site because he was an entrepreneur

who needed his business websites designed

  1. quickly,

  2. inexpensively &

  3. high-quality


When he couldn't find a capable designer for the right price,

he decided to learn design and create his websites himself. ​ 

What we do

The LDYS team comes at the design process with a modern aesthetic.

They create websites that are 

  • personable,

  • professional &

  • relevant

How we do it

We want you to be happy and satisfied with your website.

We also want you to be happy with the process of building your website.


So we speak with you as often as possible (via video, phone, email)

to ensure that everything you desire is done without

wasting any time or effort along the way.

Why we do it

We love designing and we love people.

Creating websites is both head and  heart work.

It takes experience, passion, intuition, patience, knowledge, and a love of the big picture.

Creating something out of nothing is a beautiful thing.

Making a client happy is a wonderful thing.


Designing a place where your customers, clients, and colleagues can go to is a magnificent thing.

That is why we do it.

Interested in working with us?